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The 5 worst stone star intercourse tapes ever made

The 5 worst stone star intercourse tapes ever made

When upon a time stone stars jealously safeguarded both their privates and their privacy. However along came Tommy Lee’s devil-may-care penis and everything changed.

The Motley Crue drummer and their then-wife Pamela Anderson kick-started the celeb that is whole tape business, but this movie has many – dare we state it? – charm since it does not look cold-eyed and staged for profit and profile. Filmed in 1995 and taken through the couple’s household by a disgruntled worker, the tape showed up in 1998 and features such comedy silver as Lee steering a speedboat together with ginormous todger, along with his memorable line whenever they’re creating tent that “we’re so fucking camping it’s ridiculous”! Those two make life and intercourse appear to be enjoyable, which will be no achievement that is small celebrity intercourse tape world.

5. Gene Simmons

Simmons together with phase clothing on is a sight to behold. Nevertheless the Kiss bassist’s 2008 “romp” by having an energy that is austrian spokesmodel (and just just what the hell’s a spokesmodel?! ) called Elsa had been an entire new full bowl of incorrect. He switched in a “performance” which was even lamer than Kiss within their non-makeup duration. He keeps his top on mid-boff, for heaven’s benefit. Our company is not at all calling Doctor like!

Gene Simmons: Insert your joke that is own about adore Gun here (Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Relativity Media)

4. Brett Michaels (Poison)

Needless to say everyone understands that Pammy and Tommy could be the initial while the best stone celebrity intercourse tape to look at light of time.