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Web web web Sites active in the characteristics of the regional economy and work market

Web web web Sites active in the characteristics of the regional economy and work market

The Bonduelle Group happens to be created in Aquitaine since 1978, therefore the Labenne (Landes) web web site may be the group’s largest site in your community. In 2005, Bonduelle created Soleal with three cooperatives when you look at the Southwest, in a undertaking to build up and establish the sector in your community. This company aided each to profit through the expertise associated with other people, optimize production costs, and produce synergies to make more, and most importantly, create better.

In some key numbers Soleal is: Two manufacturing internet web sites (Labenne and Borderes), four lovers (Euralis, Maisadour, Vivadour, Bonduelle), 190 permanent workers, 700 seasonal workers throughout the high period, or 210 full-time equivalents, 11,000 hectares under cultivation and three primary veggies (corn, green beans, garden peas), 400 partner producers, 115,000 a great deal of canned services and services and products each year, and 25,000 tons of frozen services and products per 12 months.

Also with the objective of developing synergies and building employee commitment, numerous Bonduelle Group web web web sites are users of manager swimming swimming pools.

Utilized to bolster groups with regular workers (see additionally this article entitled “At Bonduelle, regular work provides possibility, perhaps maybe not uncertainty” – Bonduelle helps to ensure that seasonal work not any longer means insecurity), these approaches will also be utilized to recruit for open-ended agreements. For instance, the Rosporden (Finistere) plant is a known user associated with Cornoualia manager pool, within which, the aim is to create sustainable provided jobs alongside the other 190 people.